FFG LLC burning down the Linc

Final Form games was founded in 2009 by three game developers looking to go indie and live their dream of writing about themselves in the third-person. They had fought hard to get into the industry that was their home for the past half-decade or so. Now, they find themselves driving to its outskirts in search of something they couldn't find at its center.

Lured east by the promise of better sandwiches, harsher winters, and greater creative control, they pitched their tent at last in the great city of Philadelphia, under the very shadow of William Penn himself. There are stars in their eyes and computers on their desks, and they are making games that remind them why they went to all that trouble in the first place.

Halsted Larsson was raised by Quaker wolves in the pine barrens of New Jersey, just outside McGuire Air Force Base. He'd rather not talk about what went on out there.

After a few years at LeapFrog in Emeryville, CA, he decided to return to his ancestral home and take the plunge into indie dev. He does everything Tim and Mike don't. Which is a lot. Srsly.

Tim Ambrogi was raised by international educators, which entailed a lot of moving around the world and learning where to find videogames in different countries. Then he went to college and learned quite a bit about programming and music.

He spent several years programming videogames in CA for various companies before joining his compatriots in the East for fun and profit.

Mike Ambrogi was also raised by international educators. He took an early interest in art and animation, went to school for it, and eventually convinced someone to pay him for it in aught-three.

A few game companies later, he realized he had drifted laterally pretty far into design and technical artist roles, but that he still loved making the pretties. So that's what he does now. Only for HIMSELF. And YOU, gentle reader!