A man of unusual aggression, Percy is moved by deeds, not words. It might not be surprising, then, that his friends' plan to assassinate King James I (by detonating 1500 kilos of gunpowder stored just beneath the House of Lords) sounded like a fantastic idea at the time.

However, having now endured both failure and subsequent capture by the Crown, he is faced with two terrible choices. The first of these (a very public and inventive execution in the heart of London) appeals to him not at all, but the second option is hardly better: an impossibly dangerous mission to the most remote corner of the Empire, for the purpose of sabotaging the floating Spanish weapon manufacture that hides deep in the Martian wastes.

Though it pained him to do the bidding of a man they had all sworn to destroy, Percy elected to follow the road to Mars. Of course, the news of his custom weaponry’s design did much to soften the blow.

His conveyance utilizes the latest Alchemical technology to transport great hulking barrels of gunpowder into his orbit. These oversized Grenadoes drift in a lazy circle around him, spewing volleys of energy to supplement his main vulcan cannon, until he activates his Special Attack.

But it is this Special Attack that makes his ship worthy of its pilot: upon activation, his frontmost barrel is catapulted to perhaps 8 yards ahead of him, where it explodes in a sizeable mass of fire and debris. However, if he opts to hold down the Special Attack lever, the barrel will only explode when he chooses to release it. After some practice, Percy found he was able to place each of his barrel-bombs within a few inches of his target before detonating them (with devastating results).

But brawn alone cannot guarantee success on such a dangerous errand. Such a man needs be accompanied by someone more concerned with speed and precision, than blast and bluster...

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