Hello from Pax!

Sat, September 5, 2009 -- 16:41 UTC

This was penned mid-afternoon yesterday. I was, unfortunately, not able to put it up at that time and by the time I got to the interweb I was had been[sic] drinking. That is another story for another time.

Hello, from PAX!

I am, as I pen this, sitting on a sticky floor next to what I am beginning to suspect are the bathrooms. There is no wireless in this corner, or at least no wireless that is both freely available and is also not, I suspect, poised to steal all of my personal information.

And yet, I am content. This morning, at the game design 101 panel, I had the opportunity to shake Richard Garfield’s hand and, also, to ask him about how he tests out game design ideas. He said two things that made me very happy:

1) Most of his game ideas suck and he has to weed them out too
2) He paper prototypes when he can, and makes flash prototypes when he can’t

He also said something very important: never show graphic-less prototypes to the people you want to give you money, as they usually don’t have very much imagination.

I leave you with Friday’s cosplay image:


Bang from Blaz(e)Blue

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