Help stop the SOPA & PIPA crazy-train!

by Mike
Wed, January 18, 2012 -- 20:11 UTC

We interrupt this game development blog with an uncharacteristically political announcement:

SOPA and PIPA are two dubiously-named and appallingly-written bills that various corporations in the U.S. would like very much to see signed into law. While they purport to aim at stopping online piracy, the vague and poorly-considered language in these bills would actually be far more effective towards the goal of stifling expression and innovation on the internet at large.

Wikipedia has a nice write-up here that should get you up to speed.

As a struggling start-up game company that relies entirely on the digital sale of our content to make a living, Final Form knows the impact of online piracy better than most of these bills’ authors. Our first (and so far, only) game Jamestown has been downloaded illegally countless times, so please believe that we understand that piracy can make life hard for creative industries.

However: even though we think the bulk of online piracy is categorically lame, the SOPA and PIPA bills are not going to do anything useful to solve this problem. Moreover, we would never trade in the internet’s freedom of speech in exchange for what they seek to accomplish. Someday, there may indeed be legislation that takes a responsible and technically-informed run at creating enforceable intellectual property protections online, but today is not that day. What we need is a scalpel, and what we’re getting from our government is a diesel backhoe.

So if you’re interested in supporting the continued existence of the open, secure, and free Internet that you’re reading this on right now, please join us in the fight to stop these bills from being signed into law.

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