Year Four: right now.

by Mike
Mon, July 2, 2012 -- 4:24 UTC


Final Form Games is 3 years old today!

final form guys

And, for those of you who’ve been wondering: we are still at it. As we prepare to move to a new office, we’re happy to announce that we are in the very first, super-early, gestational and unpredictable stages of planning for our second game. Game 2! It’s an exciting time.

That said, Game 2 (codename: A Zound of Zanzibars) is going to be a bit of a mystery for a while. We’ll be quite busy performing our experiments and throwing everything away several times and going on spirit journeys and meditating under waterfalls and so forth.

But the day’s gonna come. We’ll keep you posted.


Likely To Be Asked Questions (LTBAQ):
What is Game 2 going to be?
We honestly don’t know yet. It’s still very, very early in development. But it’ll be super cool!

Will it be a sequel to Jamestown?
That’s looking unlikely. We have several other ideas we’re pretty excited about. But as always, we reserve the right to change our minds at any time, and for any reason. Because the universe reserves the right to throw unpredictable randomness into our path constantly, our acceptance of ambiguity has worked out strangely well for us so far.

Will it be a shmup?
We love shmups dearly, but are looking forward to trying something different for our next project. However: see above regarding our right to change our minds.

Surely you know something specific?
Nothing we’d be comfortable going on record with yet. We appreciate your patience!

What’s a “Zanzibar”?
What? Hmm…

When will it come out?
Oh, come now. :P


So yes. Game 2 (new codename: Captain Jameson’s Pinata Disaster) is coming. It may not be coming soon, but it’s coming soon enough. Hit the follow/subscribe buttons to make sure you know the moment that “soon enough” becomes “right now”, and we’ll see you then!

Brandon says...
Fri, January 1, 2016 -- 16:28 UTC

I’m so anxious to see what you guys have been cooking up

Sat, March 5, 2016 -- 13:17 UTC

sounds great, i have no time to read your post, but i like you old days photo, friends are great ever

Wed, June 29, 2016 -- 14:01 UTC

fantastic post.

Thu, December 29, 2016 -- 15:20 UTC

Nice sharing…

Sat, April 1, 2017 -- 8:46 UTC


Mon, July 17, 2017 -- 12:56 UTC

Thanks for sharing this amazing post

KrotoR says...
Wed, August 9, 2017 -- 14:08 UTC

Uh… Guys?
Everyone commenting here has been from 2016/17 but this post was made in 2012. This is the last post on the website. They’ve been gone for half of a decade now… You’d think if this was going ANYWHERE, we’d have heard something by now.

Tue, August 15, 2017 -- 13:07 UTC

I read your blog its so amazing and helpfull to us,thanks dear

great says...
Mon, September 11, 2017 -- 9:26 UTC

Thanks for posting

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