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by Mike
Tue, December 20, 2011 -- 1:57 UTC

Ever wish you could wear your Jamestown fandom on a snazzy new dress shirt?  If so, we have some very good news.  And for those of you whose absolute favorite ship in Jamestown is the charge ball?  Man oh man are you in for a treat:


Yes, folks: offical Jamestown merchandise, suitable for the workplace or distinctively-attired night-on-the-town, is now available!  Okay, maybe not suitable for all workplaces.  A government job might be a reach.  Or, like, an oil rig.  But you get the idea: PRETTY DARN CLASSY.


The nice folks and avowed Jamestown fans over at sinn d’signed have taken a unique approach to game fashion with their new player_1 line of garments, where (to crib shamelessly from their own words on the subject) “the spirit of each game is celebrated in a sophisticated and fashionable way.”  They’ve already released a neato Space Pirates And Zombies shirt in a similar style, their Jamestown shirt just dropped, and they have a few others in the pipeline.  Follow ‘em on twitter to get in that loop!

I’m not going to promise that this news comes just in time for the holidays, but it certainly might if you act fast!  Consign yourself to the Gifting Hall Of Fame with that special gamer in your life!


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