You want this.

by Mike
Wed, December 14, 2011 -- 0:45 UTC


Humble Indie Bundle 4 is available as of today, and even if we weren’t in it (which we totes are), we would still immediately categorize it as a Dreadnought-Class Über-Bundle, Mark 4.  LOOK AT ALL THIS HEAT IT’S PACKING:



(awwww yeah first on the list cuz this is our blog)

The Jamestown Original Soundtrack

(not a game, but putting it on this list anyway cuz damn, y’all)

Super Meat Boy

Bit.Trip Runner


NightSky HD

Plus, all you gotta do is beat the average to throw these bad boys on the pile:

Gratuitous Space Battles

Cave Story +


Not only is this bundle to be feared and respected, but also purchased at whatever price you think is fair for 5-7 seriously excellent games, plus a little sugar for a few of our fave charities (Child’s Play and the American Red Cross).

Of course, all these games are DRM-free, and all of them will run on PC, Mac, and Linux.  So yes, those of you who are sensitive to context clues are absolutely right: Jamestown is now available for the Mac and Linux!


We are thrilled to be keeping such amazing company in this bundle (SRSLY HOW RAD IS THAT LINEUP?!?!) and we hope you find it to be exciting as well.

Now.  If you are reading this on the same day that we posted it, you have just fourteen days to convert this information into a fun-filled holiday for you and yours.  Don’t kid yourself: a train this fast and sexy isn’t going to come back into the station for a good long while, SO GET IN HERE! :D

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